Life Insurance :
Securing the future while enjoying the present

Life is uncertain. The only certainty we have about life is death. When life is going well, we seldom feel the need to plan for more difficult times. Sometimes we could feel, it is an absolute waste of time to plan for a life that will end with us. True, we will have to pass on one day, but we often forget that many of our loved ones will outlive us and might even be left in the lurch staring at an uncertain future. Planning for them is caring for them. If there is someone in our life who depends on us and our income we should make provisions for their continued care and happiness. Shouldn’t we?

Life Insurance is probably the most economical and the most secure way to safeguard our loved ones from financial hardships after we pass away. It pays a tax free lump sum for the benefit of our dependents. Dependents can be any of our loved ones, such as children, partner or parents. Upon our death, the money could be used to cover funeral costs, household expenses, pay a mortgage or repay loans.

You can also ensure that the policy proceeds go to the intended beneficiaries by placing the policies in trust. Trust ensures the proceeds are paid to our loved ones quickly without the requirement to wait for probate. The benefits from a life insurance policy written in trust are paid outside of the estate and as a result it helps mitigate inheritance tax as well.

Life might offer a second chance but death offers none. Fortunately, there’s Life Insurance. None of us want to leave any mess behind. Take Life Insurance now because there are no regrets beyond the grave.